ACE-CMES certification

The ACE-Certified Medical Exercise Specialist certification provide fitness professionals with the knowledge, training and experience to work with clients who currently have, or are at risk for developing one or more health conditions.

Population served:

Anyone for who the local gym is not an option, by choice or secondary to health limitation

-Those who are at risk for chronic disease or dysfunction or have borderline health conditions that can be reversed or managed with a progressive health and fitness program.

-Those who are newly diagnosed or with a chronic cardiovascular, metabolic or orthopedic condition and who are in need of professional health and fitness guidance

-Post-rehab patients following discharge from rehabilitation. The goal is to progress what has been done in therapy and help the client transition to full function.

Most importantly, an ACE-CMES will work in conjunction with the client's healthcare team if needed and has the skills to develop a safe and effective exercise program as well as to modify the program according to the challenges faced by the client face and/or recommended by the team.